Do your construction projects have issues?

We will assist you in establishing factual clarity for both existing and potential disagreements or disputes.

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Respected neutral experts

For global construction projects

With C2S Global GmbH you, as a stakeholder, will have a competent, neutral third party at your disposal for all services related to international construction contracts. With in-depth expertise / knowledge and decades of experience, we offer construction contract services for construction projects worldwide. In doing so, we can draw on a multitude of expert knowledge.

Would you like to learn more about our services? Please contact us!

Tel.: +49 911 2528162


Our services


In case of a contractual dispute that cannot be settled amicably, a decision may be obtained by means of arbitration. During arbitration proceedings, our experts act as presiding arbitrators as well as party-nominated co-arbitrators or take on the role of an independent expert witnesses, or counsel.


To avoid lengthy and costly litigation and/or arbitration, which can stop any construction in its tracks, adjudication is a well-established alternative. Adjudication is particularly focused on dispute avoidance and / or a fast dispute resolution process to safeguard the project’s best interest. Our experts act as adjudicators, independent expert witnesses, dispute board members, or counsel in such proceedings.

Contract Administration

During the course of a project, we make sure that agreements are clearly communicated, properly recorded and documented and are subsequently complied with. This helps us to support you in identifying risks at an early stage, managing them strategically, and preparing contractually justified entitlements (claims) in a comprehensible manner, thus preventing complex disputes.


Well-trained and skilled project teams are the key to success!

We offer coaching and training for managers and team members on the topics of risk management, contract and claim management, handling standard contract forms as well as adjudication and arbitration procedures.